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The following Agreement is the Terms of Service for this program. Please read it carefully. By accepting the terms and purchasing the program, you agree to and are bound by the following terms.


For purposes of this Agreement, you are referred to as “Client.” Seller, GROW, is referred to as “Company.”

2. Term:

The engagement of services begins on initiation of payment into the GROW CIRCLE  and ends on the date of the last group coaching call for the GROW Circle.

3. Company’s Services:

Client has purchased GROW CIRCLE Package, which includes:

  • Access to GROW Circle private facebook group
  • Access to GROW Circle modules
  • 6 - live group coaching calls via ZOOM (it is the clients responsibility to make these calls live or access the replay)
  • Access to Alexandra Taketa / April Pertuis via the FB group (please allow a 24 hour response time)
  • 1 - 1 hour strategy session (ONLY for any clients paying in full)

4. Payment:

Client agrees to pay a total program cost of $2995 one time payment (early bird) or $3795 full price at the start of Services or agreed upon extended payment schedule until complete.

5. Scheduling:

Company will send Client information for all sessions. If client does not receive the information, it is Client’s responsibility to alert Company.

Late Arrival and No Show:

If Client shows up late to the scheduled session, Client will receive the session with the time left in the originally scheduled session. If Client does not reschedule within the required time frame, and does not show up at the scheduled time, Client will forfeit the service.

6. Refund/Multiple Payments:

Company does not offer refunds. Client agrees to pay the total amount due pursuant to Paragraph 5.

7. Confidentiality:

Any information discussed or any information either party comes to know during Company and Client’s one-on-one work together is confidential. This does not include information Client makes available during group calls, information that either party was aware of prior to executing this Agreement, nor does it include information that was gained by a third party, or information that was available to the public through no breach of confidentiality by Company. Confidential information may be shared if and only if waived by both parties in writing.

8. Release:

Client understands that the live training calls are recorded and may be used by Company in the future for purposes to be determined by Company. Client agrees that by participating in the live calls, Client grants Company the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use Client’s image, voice, writing, or any other form of participation Client engages in, for commercial or non-commercial use as to be determined by Company.

9. Intellectual Property:

Company reserves all ownership rights to any materials provided to Client through Client’s participation in the GROW CIRCLE Program. Company provides Client with a single-user license authorizing Client to use the materials for her individual purposes only. Client agrees to not share, copy, distribute, disseminate, or sell the materials for either commercial or non-commercial purposes.

10, Non-Disparagement:

Client agrees, during and after her participation in VIP Coaching Package, to refrain from making any statements, whether oral or in writing, that negatively impact Company’s program, business, services, products, or reputation.

11. Assignment:

This Agreement shall bind both Company and Client and their respective heirs, legal representatives, successors, and assigns. Client may not assign its rights under this Agreement without express written consent from Company.

12. No Guaranty; Disclaimer:

NO GUARANTEES: Company makes no guarantees about Client and Company’s work together. Client agrees that any statements made by Company regarding potential outcomes are opinions and are not binding on Company. Company may provide testimonials from previous clients, which is not to be relied upon to predict results in your specific situation. The results you experience will be dependent on many factors including but not limited to your level of personal responsibility, commitment, and abilities, in addition to those factors that you and/or Company may not be able to anticipate.

NOT PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE: Company will only be providing the services that are explicitly listed above in Paragraph 3. At no time should any of Company’s services be considered a substitute for professional medical or mental health services, nor should the service be construed as professional therapy. Company’s services are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. If at any time Client needs medical, and/or psychological treatment, it is Client’s responsibility to seek it out.

NOT LEGAL OR FINANCIAL ADVICE: At no time should any of Company’s services be considered a substitute for professional legal or financial advice. If at any time Client needs legal or financial services, it is Client’s responsibility to seek it out.

EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Any information provided by Company regarding wealth, abundance, income, earnings, business profits or personal financial status is for informational purposes only. The information may provide real-life examples and/or hypothetical examples of possible outcomes, which are in no way guarantees of what will occur in your specific situation. As you know, financial outcomes depend on many factors including but not limited to your level of personal responsibility, commitment, and abilities, in addition to those factors that you and/or Company may not be able to anticipate. You agree that Company is not responsible for your success, or lack thereof. Your reliance on any information provided is done at your own risk.

13. Warranties:

Both Company and Client warrant that they have full authority to enter into this Agreement. Company warrants that its services will be provided by qualified people and in a competent manner in accordance with industry standards. Client warrants that it has any necessary permission, licenses, rights, and releases to lawfully execute its duties set forth in this Agreement. EXCEPT FOR THE EXPRESS WARRANTIES IN THIS AGREEMENT,



14. Whole Agreement:

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Client and Company. This Agreement supersedes and cancels all prior or contemporaneous discussions, writings, negotiations, and agreements.

15. Modification; Waiver:

The terms of this Agreement cannot be modified, supplemented, or amended unless agreed to in writing by all parties. The waiver of a term in this Agreement shall not be considered a waiver of any other terms of this Agreement and shall not be considered a continuing waiver. In order to make the waiver binding, the party making the waiver must execute it in writing. The modification or waiver of one term of this Agreement does not affect any other term in the Agreement, regardless of its similarity.

16. Severability:

If any term in this Agreement is found to be void or voidable, the remaining terms of the Agreement are unaffected, and deemed to remain in full force and effect, including those terms that are similar.

17. Limited Liability:

The amount of liability recoverable For any cause of action that arises under this agreement shall not exceed the amount paid for the services outlined in this agreement, regardless of whether the cause of action is based in tort, contract or any other theory of liability. Under no circumstances will the company be liable for special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages of any kind, or for any loss of use, business interruption, costs of procurement of substitute goods or services, lost profits, or lost data, even if client has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

18. Notices:

All notices and communications required or permitted under this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be deemed given when delivered by registered or certified mail, postage prepaid, addressed to the party’s principal place of business.


19. Dispute Resolution; Costs and Fees; ApplicableLaw/Venue:

Any dispute arising under this Agreement will be resolved by mediation held in Orange County, California by a mediator to be agreed upon by all parties or through an online mediation service that is agreed upon by all parties. The parties agree that their good faith participation in mediation is a condition precedent to pursuing any other available legal or equitable remedies.


Parties agree that this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of California. Parties agree that the venue for any court proceedings arising out of this Agreement shall be in Orange County, California.

The successful party to any dispute resolution will be entitled to reasonable costs and fees incurred in resolving or settling the dispute, in addition to any other relief to which the party may be entitled

By reading and submitting payment, Client is agreeing to terms.

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GROW CIRCLE - 3 Payments $1330

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