GROW & SCALE your Business inside a
3-month Intimate Container for Visionary Business Women needing
Soulful Strategy + Visibility + Accountability


What exactly is the GROW Circle?

GROW is an acronym for Giving Receiving Other Women

It is our firm belief that “rising tides raise all ships” — and when women link arms and work together to empower, support, and lift each other up, everybody wins!

The GROW Circle is an online group coaching program open to a limited number of business women (8-12).

For 3 months, we meet regularly via Zoom calls and inside a private FB group to deliver a systematic approach for building a solid foundation for growth.

All calls are recorded, and you have access to the 6 teaching modules for life. Each module comes with it’s own PDF workbook, and specific action steps/assignments to ensure you move through the program rather than just purchase it and let it sit on the shelf. #accountability

You also have direct access to April and Alexandra with messenger support. We truly link arms with you over the course of this program to ensure your success. We want to see you GROW!

Who is this for?

If you are feeling stuck and overwhelmed in business, unsure which steps to take next to increase your revenue, reach more people, stand out in the noisy newsfeed —
then GROW is for you.

If you are ready for a fresh perspective, desire community with other like-minded business women, and benefit from brainstorming sessions — then GROW is for you.

If you are ready for more income, more influence, more joy, more ease, more connection with your clients — then GROW is for you.

If you are an action-taker who simply wants a coach/mentor to come alongside you on the journey — then GROW is for you.

Who are we?

We are 2 business women who understand how isolating entrepreneurship and business building can be.

We fell into every trap — shiny object syndrome, comparison-itis, lack of self-belief, you name it… we’ve been there.

We found each other online … in a random FB group… and connected. A friendship unfolded, and an Accountability partnership was born. 

For nearly 3 years, we've been dedicated to helping each other GROW —

  • We helped each other write sales copy
  • We mapped out launch strategies
  • We dove in head first into each other’s programs to give feedback and advice.
  • We’ve held each other accountable to our goals, and shown up consistently to our Accountability Calls.

And…. our businesses have exploded as a result!

Having someone in your corner, brainstorming ideas, giving honest advice & feedback, and holding you accountable to your goals and action steps makes all the difference in the world.

This is what we’ve created for the women who step into our GROW Circle.

"The transformation I've experienced is beyond words! I landed my first VIP clients. I launched my first sold out online course, found my niche, my message and passion. And now I'm teaching others to do the same! There is so much power in the mindset shifts I made while working with you ladies. I love you both April Pertuis and Alexandra Taketa. I visualize the day we meet each other in person almost everyday."

Jen Conger
Social Media Strategist


April is a storytelling expert & media strategist. A former television news journalist and video producer, she understands “the story” — and how to effectively communicate it for broad appeal.

She’s spent the last 15 years in video marketing, helping companies get their message to the masses using the powerful tool of storytelling.

She helps women dig out their own stories to use in their business to grow an engaged audience, build know like and trust factor, and scale their business as a result.



Alexandra is an author, business strategist, and professional coach.

She comes from a lengthy career in Fortune 500 companies building out & facilitating training programs for their global employees. Using grounded, practical tools, she brings an intuitive twist to her strategic sessions.
She’s passionate about teaching money mindset and helping other women become wildly successful and abundant because
“rich, abundant women change the world.”

 Lifetime Online Access. 

Once you join a Circle, you are a member for LIFE.
This includes our private FB Community, all Content updates, and access to our yearly VIP Retreats & Business Building Days.

The GROW Circle is really a Community.
It's filled with gorgeous women who are taking charge of their business and setting their visions on fire!.

"The Grow Circle helped me get consistent with my online marketing and visibility. I got into alignment with what I offer my clients and unleveled my prices to charge accordingly. I upscaled my business space to match what I offer and up-leveled my clientele. I have consistently been booked in my part time massage practice 3 weeks at a time, and went from making $500-$700 a month to $2K monthly! I can't express enough how much knowledge and direction April Pertuis and Alexandra Taketa give you! You will be fully supported!"

Amy Minyard
Licensed Massage Therapist & Self Love Advocate


MODULE ONE: Your Story
At the foundation of every business is a story on how you got here, and why what you do matters. We start with understanding the basics of your story, and build a solid plan around sharing that story strategically with your audience. This first step is an important foundation for your business. yet it's often the one most overlooked.

MODULE TWO: Visibility & Messaging
Where and How are you showing up for your clients and potential new clients? We dive deep on Visibility — and bust through all the fears that hold so many women back  
(What will others think? What if I’m not good enough? What if I fail?)
We create an action plan that is going to push you outside your comfort zone — and straight into the hearts of your audience.

MODULE THREE: Your Abundance Plan
Do you have a vision on where you want your business to be in 5 years? Is it written down with clear action steps on how to get there?
In the Abundance Plan module, we show you exactly how to Vision for the future, and identify the exact steps you need to take right now to move in that direction. We build out solid (and multiple) Revenue streams for your business. We get intimate with your money, and we welcome Abundance with open arms. Get ready — this is the Module that cracks women WIDE OPEN and breakthroughs follow.

Are people flocking to your products or services? Well they are about to, because in this module we show you exactly how to tap into your Zone of Genius…. and create offers that are simply irresistible, and ones you will absolutely love delivering.

Yes, sales is part of business yet we find so many women struggle with this topic. “I don’t want to seem pushy or salesy,” they say. You don’t have to be (nor should you!). We teach you all the mindset shifts you need around sales, and deliver easy-to-follow sales Scripts to turn your conversations into cash. Sales gets to be fun with you learn to share your offers with soul and conviction. No ickies allowed.

Nobody gets ahead in business without taking care of themselves. We go deep on self care, personal development, and grounding practices to keep you full of energy and flow. This is not fluff, either. This stuff matters, and it works!

2 Coaches, 6 Teaching Modules, 6 Coaching Calls, Weekly Accountability and Endless Support & Feedback



The Circle begins February 11, 2020



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"I’ve been in business for 20 years and am getting so much valuable and usable content and resources that it is changing HOW I get my message to my clients in a way that they hear it and engage with it. I have opened up entire new revenue streams. I grew a community of followers from zero to 700 during our time together. I just cannot say enough good things about this program."

Debi Choi
Accounting Firm Owner & Business Mentor

January 15 - Program Begins/ Module One
January 22 - LIVE Coaching Call
January 29 - Module Two
February 5 — LIVE Coaching Call
February 12— Module Three
February 19 — LIVE Coaching Call
February 26 — Module Four
March 5 — LIVE Coaching Call
March 12 — Module Five
March 19 — LIVE Coaching Call
March 26 — Module Six
April 2 — FINAL Coaching Call/Program concludes

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